Men who suffer from premature ejaculation, difficulties on the control of discharge of semen. It now often comes after a brief sexual stimulation – before or shortly after the penis has penetrated the vagina. This can cause distress and anxiety and both partners.
In the past it was thought that premature ejaculation is purely physical disorder. Experts now understand that the problem has a biological explanation is related to the neurotransmitter serotonin signals in the brain that are related to control of ejaculation. This is the most common sexual dysfunction in men.

Many men continue to believe that their problem will improve with time. The important thing to remember is that premature ejaculation is a treatable condition.

Should be held medical consultation, which ultimately lead to the most effective treatment for the patient.

The relationship between how a person feels in their sexual behavior and what happens in the body is quite narrow. For example, if a man under any adverse conditions detected, ie an erection but lose it and then begin to avoid sexual intercourse, it affects the sexual form. He loses form, may fall testosterone if you went and do your research. Very often people after informing the Internet themselves diagnosed. And even come and say: “My problem is hormonal, I want to be treated with such and such a drug.”

I feel almost like a grocery seller, who must measure a kilo of cheese and there are limited things. The point is that there is two-way communication. On the other hand, in many cases when there is some initial vascular process in people with severe diabetes, which gives complications or hypertension, the disease is partly caused some difficulty achieving an erection is not, not quite stable erection. But from then on what makes the problem even more complicated is the attitude of fear of expectation of constant introspection, which further pumped into a vicious circle. Therefore it is best in these cases have joint intervention to work in a team, as we are trying to do in the Bulgarian Association of Sexual Medicine.

To avoid what sometimes happens if you only go to a psychologist, say, someone who has medical training. There may be discharged organic serious problem that if caught early, such a person can be treated successfully. And to avoid risk of stroke, heart attack and other serious complications that can occur in the presence of metabolic syndrome or other diseases where impaired erection is one of the first things. On the other hand, when working as a team can be a very important psychological support when it comes to sexual problem in itself couple conflict between partners other Neum to overcome various stress conditions. In this sense it is optimal – to examine sexual function as a unity of body expression and certain experiences that arise in the relationship between specific partners in the situation.